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I got tagged for this thing. If one of these facts is something I've shared before, let me know and I will add an appropriately unknown fact.

The Rules

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 5 unknown facts about your SH character.
3. Tag 3 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Ta Yeh

1. Ta Yeh (大業) is not his birth name; it is his courtesy name. His birth name is Chi (志). He has not shared it with anyone in Sybal-Heim except his wife.

2. The default flavor of his fruits is peachy. A fruit with very little knowledge will taste like a peach. With more knowledge the fruit will take on a new taste that varies wildly depending on what the knowledge is.

3. Ta Yeh has a home altar to the portions of his ancestral line that he was able to construct from memory, which is… not a whole lot of it. He does not believe in any of the spiritual aspects of ancestor veneration, but values the tradition and connection to the past.

4. There were complications during Ta Yeh’s birth that left his mother unable to travel to flee the impact of the Tiaping Civil War. His father left her behind to take their newborn son to safety and hoped that the rebels would spare a sickly bed-ridden woman who had just given birth. They did not.

5. He keeps the clothes he entered Sybal-Heim with in an air-tight glass case in his home. He’s seen how many Sybalians practically forget the world outside and he does not want to let that happen to him.

:iconleunbrund: Marron
:iconthe-hybrid-mobian: Piedad
:icongarsna: Rosette

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